Holy Proposal Batman! New Rebirth News

It’s finally happened Batfans! 75 years in the making Batman finally proposes to the love of his life! Catwoman #1 (2011) left us off with a nice steamy sex scene of Selina and Bruce in costume having a romp on a rooftop. Fans were apparently in an uproar about that splash page saying it was tawdry and unnecessary. We’re adults people, we like sex and we wanted this to happen for a long time so no, no it wasn’t.

Now we come to current day in the latest Batman #24 in the Rebirth series and we once again see the couple on the rooftops. Masks off, Bruce proposes to Selina. Although this has happened in other elseworlds we still find it shocking and exciting in our current world. If you’ve been keeping up with the Rebirth storyline then you know Bruce met Thomas Wayne from another dimension. Daddy dearest tells Bruce “Don’t be Batman” and also “find happiness.” Apparently not being Batman didn’t strike a chord as hard as “find happiness” but it pushed him to finally pop the question to the kitty burglar. Awww it’s so wonderful! Selina will now be Mrs. Wayne and hopefully we see a wedding comic in the future!

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Shaina Lucas

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