Review: Superwoman #11

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: K.Perkins

Penciller: Jose Luis

Inks: Ray McCarthy



In this issue, Lana takes us back to a time when Skyhook was simply a terror and a drug dealer in Metropolis and John’s brother, Crash, gets implicated in a crime. Fast forward a few years later, Crash is looking to take out Skyhook and find his son, Zeke, who he believes Skyhook took, which springs Lana into action, as she must get there before John Henry does.


This issue of Superwoman was entertaining and cuts right to the core of the family dynamics of the Irons family, as the inner turmoil boils over, and the missing case of Zeke affects each family member. Perkins is definitely an underrated writer who captures family drama unlike any comic book writer I have read before. Luis’s art radiates with love in his portrayal of the Irons family while looming darkness over Skyhook. The overall story has so much heart that you feel for this family as the uncertainty over Zeke’s existence haunts them like a ghost.


The only real negative I found was that I wanted to see more of the family dynamics between John Henry and Crash.



This is an excellent installment in this under the radar title within Kal-El’s universe. Definitely check it out!

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