NBC releases a full episode of Powerless with Adam West in one of his final roles

by Joseph Marcas
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Tributes continue to pour in from around the world following the passing of Adam West, television’s Batman. As a tribute to the great actor and man, NBC Universal is releasing a never before aired episode of the now cancelled show Powerless that fans can view for a limited time on the DC Entertainment channel on YouTube.

You can click on the video below for the episode:

(minor spoilers ahead)

If you’ve seen the episode, then you’ve been a treated to a very funny episode of Powerless, a show that had great humor and a lot of Easter eggs for the DC Hardcore (a news reporter named Gail Simone? wink wink). Adam West appeared as Dean West, chairman of Wayne Enterprises who tells Vanessa Hudgens character that she has to fire someone from her team at work. There are jokes about presidential tweets and alien attacks and a truly hilarious prank on someone who is trying to get “Flash-like” super powers.

West truly has a presence on screen and it is more than evident here as he takes over every scene that he’s in and you can almost feel the reverence the other actors have for him. West is truly hilarious and he appears to bend if not break the fourth wall with a self-awareness about his cameo and an homage to the narrator of the classic television show Batman.

It truly was a treat to watch Adam West not only perform in this episode but in all the work that he did throughout the years. On a personal level, in the 80’s when I was a child, it was such a wonderful memory to turn on my family’s old television set (this one was as big as a desk if you can believe it) and watch Adam West in one of the great and iconic performances of all time.

Adam West will be missed greatly.

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