Inside Look Of The LEGO Batman Movie Stop Motion Animation

by Brandon Richardson
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Ever wonder how they got all those awesome shots in The LEGO Batman Movie, or how they were able to get their mouths to look like they were actually talking? Well the animators and directors are here to give an inside view of how they do it.  Okay, so not an extreme in depth look, but they give you the basics.

It is still pretty awesome to look at this and see the final product. They are kind enough to break down how animation in 3D is done with these wires and joints that they have on their models. From there they can add points to make it so that the figure or objects can move in a real life-like fashion to make it seem more believable.

The faces, to me, are the hardest part of the animation because you would have to be able to apply the correct face to the animation surface. But they make it look like a piece of cake. Check out the video to hear and see more cool things that they have done to get The LEGO Batman Movie where it is today.

If you haven’t seen the film, don’t worry, it is available for digital download and to buy at any store that sells movies.

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