SUPERGIRL Gets New Show Runners for Season 3

The CW hit series SUPERGIRL is under new management! How will this affect the show when it launches in the fall for Season 3?

Though most of The CW hit series based on DC Comics properties are still mostly in hiatus (with the exception perhaps of Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which appear to be busily writing and casting the upcoming season) when Supergirl returns in the fall, the show starring Melissa Benoist as the Maid of Steel will be under new guidance!

We can report that Jessica Queller known for her work on Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl and Robert Rovner (Dallas, Private Practice) have both been elevated to the role of the series’ co-showrunners. Both have been a part of the Supergirl production team since the first season; Rovner assumed an executive producer role in Season Two.

Ali Adler who is credited as co-creator and was the First Season co-showrunner alongside co-conspirator Andrew Kreisberg (Arrow, The Flash) also a co-creator of the series with Greg Berlanti remains onboard as the show’s executive producer. Early indications suggest that the upcoming season of Supergirl will perhaps its most dramatic and complex.

The introduction of a sinister new adversary from Krypton’s past will play prominently into the story next season, and a newly single Kara Danvers has thrown herself completely into the role of National City’s defender. There will be some personal upset in the private life of Kara’s sister Alex played by Chyler Leigh. Early indications suggest that the character of Maggie Sawyer which ended the season with an engagement for the pair, will not be returning.

The actress who plays Maggie Floriana Lima will be leaving the show, but has been contracted to make a couple of appearances at the top of Season 3 hopefully in an effort to wrap up the storyline neatly. The Alex and Maggie arc was among one of the most enlightening of the Second Season which allowed audiences to embrace the same-sex couples affection for one another!

Supergirl returns this fall and airs Mondays @ 8pm EST on The CW.

JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

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