The DC Films Universe Prepares to Come Into the Light!

As the DC Comics Cinematic Universe continues to expand, fans can expect a more positive “optimism” to shine in as the doom and gloom of its predecessors give way!

Director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman a bonafide hit for Warner Bros. Films and DC Films and certainly part of the success of that feature is the film’s much brighter and hopeful tone, elements of course that are an engendered part of the Wonder Woman mythology, but a style adapted to the narrative that has also served to set it apart from the movies that had come before if.

Many a movie-goer has criticized the darker tone of filmmaker Zack Snyder’s own DCEU offerings. Man Of Steel and its follow-up Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice both introduced perhaps for the first time on film, a Superman that is tortured and disenchanted by his unique purpose. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy had gone the distance to realize the Batman mythos in much the same way, actually setting the tempo for superhero franchises that followed.

With the DCEU taking an upward swing now that Wonder Woman is leading the charge, its next feature Justice League will likely lighter in its approach, and less dank, dark and dirty like the recent Suicide Squad which many argue just didn’t work very well even if its main protagonists were all despots! JL will have a more humor and heroics, which has served the competition Marvel Films very well.

DC’s own Chief Creative Director Geoff Johns has gone on record a confirm that this fresher approach will “Get to the essence of the character and make the movies fun!” with optimism at its base. Fans will certainly have much more to cheer about when the league gets united this November, and rest assured that with the expected onslaught of Apokolips things are going to be on the “dark side” when the DCEU returns this fall!

Wonder Woman is currently in theaters and Justice League will be released in theaters in November 2017 and is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Films.

JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

A native New Yorker and avid comic book fan, JC Alvarez is a pop-culture enthusiast engaged in chronicling the diverse perspective of entertainment, genre fandom, and celebrity culture. Happily engaged in the ever-constant speed force!