Review: Green Lanterns #25

by Danny Saab
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Written by: Sam Humphries

Art by: Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques

Covers by: Brad Walker, Drew Hennessy, Jason Wright, Brandon Peterson



While at the Vault of Shadows, Jessica and Simon are attacked by Volthoom after he retrieves his Power Ring.

Review: Green Lanterns #25


The first thing that you really grab from this issue is the incredible chemistry and friendship between Jessica and Simon. You definitely get a sense of family between the two that is so genuine, it makes the story that much better, and with their backs against the wall, it makes the ending that much more emotional.

It wasn’t just the relationship between Jessica and Simon that was on display in this issue, but also Simon and his brother-in-law Nazir. Humphries doesn’t give us flashbacks between the two, but rather starts the issue with a heartfelt letter that Simon writes to him apologizing for not being a better friend, and promises that things will change. The issue ends with Nazir reading it, and, well, you’ll have to read for yourselves how their story ends.

This issue was chalk full of emotional, character driven pages like the ones I described. Humphries does characters incredibly well, but that’s not the only thing that makes this issue a must read. After the last issue, it was easy to predict that Volthoom would turn on the Lanterns once he found his ring, and even though that was the case, I don’t think anyone could have predicted how it would have ended. Humphries takes a predictable, foreseeable situation, and adds suspense and cringe moments that definitely leave you wondering what the hell just happened.

As in other issues, we get a few flashbacks set many years ago, showcasing individuals chosen to be the first lanterns. Kaja’s story in this issue was particularly fun to read.

The artwork in this issue was stellar. Rocha and Henriques once again give us some beautiful looking panels. I must say though that the best looking part in the whole issue was when Jessica and Simon were talking about how much they missed Earth. Not only was it so well written, but the art on those few pages was incredible. Words are dialogue, but art displays emotion and vulnerability, and that’s what we get with this.

Review: Green Lanterns #25


No real negatives in this issue.

Review: Green Lanterns #25


This issue had it all, and leaves you wanting so much more as well. If your looking for a character driven story, with incredible action and suspenseful moments, all the while being supported by beautiful artwork, then this issue is for you.


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