[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Ian Churchill

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil



Continuing the ocean-shattering events of Aquaman #25, the League confronts Mera, who is desperate, reckless and emotionally exhausted by what’s happened to Arthur Curry. And when she shows Arthur’s teammates exactly how powerful she is, she does not hold back!


Atlantis has been sealed off from the surface world, trapping Aquaman inside. This leaves the League a man short, so why not fill his spot with Mera? She has been trapped outside of Atlantis with no home or friends, and this issue shows how powerful she truly is.

And she is indeed quite powerful. Her efforts to break through the barrier to Atlantis cause a Tsunami that threatens the North American eastern coastline. She then uses her hydrokinesis to take down most of the League one by one.

The story gives the impression that Batman is wary of the danger that Mera could pose, but then he turns around and surprisingly suggests Mera help deal with the next threat to arise. Rather than being suspicious, Batman was impressed with Mera and saw how she could be an asset to the team.

Also, it’s good to see another woman added to the team roster. With three women in the League, it gives a much better balance between the sexes.



Aquaman fans may be disappointed that Aquaman will be missing from the title moving forward, but I suspect that Aquaman fans are also likely to be fans of Mera, and will rejoice in seeing her being inducted into the League, where she can truly live up to her potential.

There’s not much else to complain about except to nitpick really. Superman claims that all of the Leaguers start off as outsiders, but with much of Superman’s pre-Flashpoint history now restored, I don’t think he really has much experience of being an outsider.



With a powerful new member, the League are set to take on future threats. Justice League has been gaining steam and if this trend continues, it could return to being one of DC’s top series.



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