Dawn of a New Batman Trilogy?

by Cameron Tevis
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While making rounds to promote his new movie, War of the Planet of the Apes, Matt Reeves had a chance to discuss his vision for the upcoming Batman film.

He was asked if there were plans for a new Batman trilogy. While he sounded optimistic about that possibility, he emphasized the importance of getting through the initial film first and foremost.

“I have ideas about an arc, but really, the important thing is just to start… you have to start with one. You know, you have to start with a story that begins something.”

Batman - DC Comics News

He went on to explain how he went through a similar process while working on the Planet of the Apes trilogy:

“And I would be lying if I could tell you that the arcs of Apes was already planned out, because it simply wasn’t; it’s one of those things where that character was so potent, and the possibility was embedded from the beginning, but exactly how you’ve got from A to Z is not something that existed.

In fact, when I came in on Dawn, the story that I wanted to tell was different from the story that they had even presented me. And so, there are these broad ideas, I think, that sort of came to mind as Rise was created, of how that story could be told, but they weren’t explicitly laid-out. And when Mark and I began Dawn, we knew what our goals were, but we didn’t know how we were gonna get there, and I would say that that more relates to the way that I see a Batman story, is a kind of ambition for a series of stories, but really the most important thing is gonna be to tell a vital first story.”

War of the Planet of the Apes - DC Comics News

Although it may not be the definitive answer fans are looking for, it certainly does sound promising. Even though I can’t wait to see more DC characters explored on the silver screen more than anything else, I’m still more than ready for a new series of Batman films. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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