It’s a New Genesis for MISTER MIRACLE

by JC Alvarez
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He’s a master escape artist who learned his craft in the fire pits of Apokolips, but the one thing Scott Free, MISTER MIRACLE hasn’t been able to break away from is the chains of his own existence! 

Of all the characters to emerge from Jack Kirby’s world of New Genesis and its New Gods the legend of Scott Free, Miracle Man has portrayed the hero as one of the more valiant agents to have braved (again and again) the treacherous villainy of Darkseid. The master escape artist engineered and crafted his skills growing up under the tyranny of the evil lord of Apokolips; cast into the slave camps as part of a peace treaty between High Father and Darkseid, the patriarchal New Gods.

Mister Miracle has had a very colorful career, almost as colorful as his brightly hued super suit! Scott Free tempted fate and wooed the mightiest of Apokolips’ warriors, marrying Big Barda, the one-time general of Darkseid’s armies. After the first Crisis event, Miracle joined a gathering of legends and became a founding member of a new Justice League, and since then and in every iteration of the DC Universe continuity teamed up with the elite of group. Most recently Mister Miracle fought alongside the league caught in the middle of the final war with Darkseid.

But what exactly has become of Mister Miracle especially now in the midst of the DC Comics “Rebirth”? Tom King and Mitch Gerads are promising a very enlightened misadventure in the pages of the new series Mister Miracle debuting in August. In a final bid to reclaim the shreds of his own existence Scott Free takes the greatest leap of his life and returns to New Genesis, only to discover that the home of his birth is being invaded by the scourges of Apokolips. It’s Mister Miracle and Big Barda against the world and the parademons are in for a fight!

The Alternate Cover for Issue #2
Sneak Peek at #2 Part 1
Sneak Peek at #2 Part 2

It’s been said before, but it’s worth saying again: this is a Mister Miracle unlike any “Mister Miracle” that readers have experienced before! For the last several decades the Scott Free that we’ve all become familiar with — the spirited, escape artist — hasn’t really been all that dimensional, but in recent times so much more about Kirby’s creation is coming into the light. Mister Miracle recently played a significant part in the developing events of the Metal story arc, and now King and Gerads are ready to reintroduce Mister Miracle in an entirely liberating narrative.

Mister Miracle is written by Tom King with Mitch Gerads brining about the newest evolution of this DC Comics great and will be on shelves August 9.

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