SDCC 2017: Grant Morrison announces sequels to BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM & WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE

by Shean Mohammed
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The news has started to roll in, as far as the big announcements, and one of them was spotted by Chris Arrant at, as Grant Morrison and DC have revealed at the “Meet The Publishers” panel:

Yanick Paquette is returning to work with Morrison on Wonder Woman: Earth One Volume 2, while his Batman Inc. artist Chris Burnham is filling the shoes of Dave McKean for the second Batman: Arkham Asylum.

“We’re kind of showing you cannot f*** with this island of women,” Morrison said. “For 3000 years, they’ve been doing it better than you.”

DC promises it will be “Amazons vs. Nazi army,” and that Morrison assures readers that it will have “the ultimate Amazon army.”

 Morrison and Burnham’s Arkham Asylum sequel is said to be Grant’s own “jump the shark moment.” It’s set in the Batman #666 continuity, with Damian Wayne as Batman.

No release date for either title was given.

Grant Morrison’s original Arkham Asylum novel came out in 1989, and largely inspired the Batman: Arkham video games. Wonder Woman: Earth One, is more recent and said to be his “Empire Strikes Back” of this version of Wonder Woman.

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