Preacher Season 2 is Doing Away with the Comics – and It’s a Great Thing

by Reigh Carlo
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Spoiler Warning: A discussion about the recent episode entitled “Sokosha” as well as what is mentioned and hasn’t been mentioned in the comic books through the storyline are below:

When Preacher came out last year on AMC, it introduced us to a world not only weird but entertaining in every way. The show features the preacher, Jesse Custer, his badass ex-girlfriend Tulip O’Hare, and the hard drinking, drug loving Irish vampire Cassidy. The story revolved around a small town named Annville, where Custer discovers that he has been bestowed with the power known as the Genesis, an otherworldly force that grants him the ability to make everyone follow his commands. In the duration of the first season, we see the three characters venture on a mission both personal and for the town. Tulip was trying to win back Jesse while also plotting her vengeance against the one responsible for their unborn child’s death. On the other hand, Cassidy followed Jesse and Tulip, looking to have a good time (while also hiding a crush on Tulip).

Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

In the first season, they are also investigating the abnormalities happening in their small town only to find out that God had abandoned heaven. Then they clashed with Odin Quincannon who is trying to save the souls of the church’s parishioners, which ends badly, while also struggling with Jesse’s new found powers. When the first season ended, it seemed the show was still looking for its proper landing. Then, the second season started, which seemed like it was going to follow the source material more closely, but strayed away somehow made a new voice for the show.

Going to the source material, the original Preacher comics features the funny but often tragic story of a band of misfits. While there are some changes so it can suit the palette of TV audiences, there is still some vibe that the first season was an unnecessary prequel than a story of Jesse Custer. Also there were changes in the show such as Jesse’s father, Tulip’s relationship with Jesse having started when they were kids, and the small town of Annville which was the center stage of the first season. And when season one came to its closing, nearly every character and all their development has been tackled and gave a feeling that it is unnecessary. Also the characters aside from the three were blown away in an explosion that engulfed the town.

But when season 2 premiered, it offered a new feeling to the audience. It gives a look to the show of  how it should have always been. It now focuses on the three protagonists who are going all over the country, looking on the whereabouts of God while being chased by a spiritual juggernaut in the form of a cowboy. Now, the difference is that the show’s second season changed a lot from the source material, just as the first season did, though not as much. But still, the shows theme and spirit is still evident throughout its current season. Although the show can never compete with where it came from, the series still showcases its new and improved season, most especially with the recent episode “Sokosha.”

Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

In the recent episode, it presented the show’s weird tone and explored new avenues. Audiences will definitely be left confused when you see the latest episode, asking yourself, what on earth the company was taking from people out of their knee caps, which turned out to be 10-15% of folks’ souls. We also get to see Jesse plead to a voodoo practitioner to find a particular soul. It was revealed that these souls are being sought after by some kind of “Apple-like” company which takes pieces of souls and sells it on the black market. This was one great twist that can’t be found in the comic books. Then it was also presented that when the “Word” was used against the Saint of Killers, it didn’t work, showing us that he doesn’t have any soul, only being susceptible to it once he received 1% of Jesse’s. But in the end, we still get to see that Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy’s characteristics pay homage to its source material, Jesse being a kind yet hard man; Tulip being a badass yet stubborn woman; and Cassidy seems to be like your best friend but can still turn out to be your worst enemy.

The show also diverted on what happened to Arseface in the comics. In his comic book counterpart, it seems that Eugene can’t catch a break. Right now, he is exploring the underworld and is meeting familiar faces like Adolf Hitler who forced him into submission in an attempt to fit in among his fellow prisoners. It is fun to watch, seeing some black humor just to make the show all the more worthwhile.

The series also tackled Cassidy’s issues with his son. In the comics, Cassidy admitted that he doesn’t want to get involved with his children’s lives, while in the show it showed us a dynamic to Cassidy by having the Irishman visit his son and make amends with him. It is one way of saying that they are doing away with their source material but still trying to respect where it came from.

Hopefully this season, Preacher will succeed all the more and find more fans. For more news about Preacher and other DC and Vertigo Comics properties, be sure to stick around here at DC Comics News.

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