Review: Everafter: From the Pages of Fables #12

by Matthew Lloyd

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Dave Justus & Lilah Sturges

Artist: Travis Moore

Coloring: Michael Wiggam


Sometimes things end with a whimper and sometimes things end with a bang.  Sadly, this appears the be the last issue of Everafter: From the Pages of Fables and it comes as a surprise.  This second arc has been much better than the opening one.  There is a quick resolution with the main story line as the South Plano High School has aged thousands of years inside the cube.  King Cole arrives with a cat named Erwin who is able to destroy the cube on a quantum level.  The only one left is Bobby Speckland.  Bobby is sent with the rest of the Shadow Players back to headquarters.  The rest of the issue has vignettes of Connor engaged in multiple sexual liaisons, Bo finding out about Peter’s Bonus Spell.  Inola Tanner is banished to the same world where Jordan is imprisoned and they make a pact of world domination.

The issue concludes with a few scenes that try to follow up on seeds planted already with a narration indicating that the stories go on even if they run out of pages and everyone lives happily…Everafter….


When a book you like ends it is hard to find positives.  The best thing is that the world continues on and there will always be the opportunity to revisit the world of Fables.  It’s nice that the team got to do a last issue that is a clear farewell to this world.  Sometimes books are cancelled with little notice and don’t get this opportunity.

The creative team tries very hard to provide a satisfying ending to the series by showing that things continue on.  They get extra points for the effort, even if the page count of the issue is limiting.


Well, the biggest negative is that this book was cancelled.  It’s clear that the finale was compressed so that they could fit in the closing segments.  How Bobby Speckland survived is a particular concern as it appeared he had already perished.  Connor’s sexual adventures seem forced in for the last issue.  Had this aspect of his character been developed over time instead of rushed, it certainly would’ve played better.  There were always lots of ideas in this book and it’s a shame more of them won’t be explored.



It’s a last issue, and will probably only appeal to those that have been reading all along, or at least through this most recent story arc.  And even for those that have been here all along, the surprise that it’s the last issue combined with the hurried finale make it a disappointing issue.


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