‘Suicide Squad: The Black Files’ Is Cancelled

Review: Suicide Squad #22

Well that was short-lived. DC has decided to cancel Suicide Squad: The Black Files in its entirety before the first issue has even been published. DC states that they intend to re-solicit the series in the future, but at the earliest it would be November, if it’s ever coming back.

In July, writer Jai Nitz sent out an e-mail to retailers talking about his plans for Suicide Squad: The Black Files #1 this month, which was due to get its Final Order Cut-Off date. He detailed a number of new characters debuting in the comic that would play a significant role in the DC Universe at a later date. He called it his New Mutants #98 — the comic that launched Marvel’s Deadpool and Domino.


They included the historical Aladdin, revealed to be a Green Lantern; a monstrous character who totally evolved Pokémon-style (wonder if it needed a evolution stone); and Doctor Endless, a new character who modeled themselves on The Endless from Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman. Neil Gaiman apparently has a contractual arrangement with DC Comics over the use of those characters  and obviously got wind of the situation and made some calls.

At the time is was supposed the lawsuit crisis was adverted and the comic book was amended so as not to infringe on DC’s agreement with Neil Gaiman. However, it clearly touched a nerve and it may not have been able to have been addressed in time. And despite the extra sales that the book got as a result of the fuss, according to Bleeding Cool, DC has stopped the series in its tracks.

Well that sucks, but hey, maybe it was all for the best.


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