CW’s 2017 Crossover Premiere Dates Announced; Will Be Bigger Than Ever

by Reigh Carlo
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Arrow-verse fans, mark your calendars! The CW announced at their TCA panel, the dates and details about their upcoming crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow.

This year, the event will crossover the four CW/DC shows in two nights instead of four and unlike last year, which only kick started the crossover on the closing minutes of Supergirl, this year will be different. The crossover will begin in the Girl of Steel’s episode on Monday, November 27, and it will be followed by Arrow which will be moving from its Thursday night to a special night for the event.

And according to CW Boss, Mark Pedowitz, this year’s event will be better, and he also gives some details regarding the crossover:

“Last year’s crossover was our most successful week I believe in CW’s history. We felt that in this particular case, we already had Flash and Legends paired. It would be better and tighter in terms of storytelling to make it like a two-night, two-hour miniseries. We thought this was a tight, concise way of doing it. Next year, we may go back to four nights.”

For the crossover, it will not be the usual we know. The shows has been paired and it will be aired in only two nights, similar to a miniseries event. In the event, the longest running superhero television show, Arrow, will be paired for the special event with the Girl of Steel, Supergirl, on Monday and on the following night, the Fastest Man Alive, The Flash, will continue the event and will end with the misfits in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

As for the fans of the shows, Entertainment Weekly has no details yet on what the plot would be or who the big bad for the crossover would be, but Mark Pedowitz gave a tease regarding the crossover. It seems that love is in the air as The CW head teases also comparing the event to an Avengers style ensemble film.

“Let me just say, romance is in the air. What’s the joy of having the third Avengers? It’s the fun of having everybody get together, that’s the fun of it. You get to see a whole different thing. They’re all big episodic productions, but this will be even bigger.”

Hmmm. Who could be in love? With Oliver and Barry having their hands full with their relationships considering what happened to them in their finales and what may transpire in the future episodes of the show, we can’t help but think that one of them may tie the knot. With Team Arrow’s fate still unknown with what happened to them on Lian Yu, it is possible that Oliver and Felicity had a moment and decided to marry, for real. Or it can be Barry and Iris, which would be highly likely, wherein after Barry’s imprisonment the two decided that they should get married. Obviously, it could be more than just a wedding we are talking about here, but with this concept, we can’t help think that there will be better days coming ahead in the Arrow-verse and for them to tackle something where the “emotional stakes”, as Marc Guggenheim would put it, are greater.

The date for the Arrow-verse crossover has been officially announced which will start on November 27, 8pm with Supergirl on The CW. The shows are officially coming back this October with Supergirl kicking it off at 8pm, Mondays. Then The Flash is set for Tuesday night at 8pm and will be followed by DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, premiering their third season. Finally, on Thursday night, Arrow will premiere their sixth season in a new night, 9pm only on The CW.

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