Superman Is Back in New Justice League Photo

by Jay
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After weeks of being kept out of promotional material such as trailers and poster art, The Man of Steel is finally revealed in a recently released Justice League promotional photo from Warner Bros. Pictures as part of a 2018 calendar.

The Last Son of Krypton allowed himself to be impaled by the monstrous Doomsday to achieve the same simultaneous impalement on him in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Further, both Superman and Clark Kent received their last rites in Washington, D.C. and Smallville, Kansas, respectively. But while the government buried an empty box, Clark’s actual body was buried beside his father’s grave, and the dirt Lois threw on the coffin started to rise before the screen went to black. In the last clip in the recently released trailer for Justice League, Alfred is talking to someone whom Batman said would come. Through both his word choice (especially the word “hope”) and a slight hint of black hair and red material on the shoulders, we can safely assume its Superman back from the dead.

The photo reveals that little has changed in the costume design, albeit a brighter shade of blue. Actor Henry Cavill has his fist pulled back in midair as if preparing to deliver a devastating haymaker to whoever he’s sternly glaring at off-camera.

The return of Superman has been one of the worst kept secrets in film history between leaked images of promotional theater merchandise, and even Superman himself, Henry Cavill, teasing the fact for months.  Will have also have the iconic black suit from the comics that most of us have hoped for?  It seems that if that’s the case, that is one secret WB isn’t prepared to let out of the bag just yet.

Justice League premiers in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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