Review: Justice League of America #12

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Steve Orlando

Pencils: Ivan Reis



When scientist Ray Palmer/The Atom goes missing in the microverse, his student, who now works with the Justice League of America, gets the signal to investigate! Gathering the rest of the team, they all decide to go into the microverse to retrieve Ray — and its full of risk. Will the Justice League of America be able to save Ray and also find a way back home?


I enjoyed reading Orlando’s work in this issue. The team has really come a long way in this issue and it shows. Orlando now has the JLA running like a well tuned machine, and this issue gives a good nod to that. Ryan’s determination to locate his teacher and friend Ray Palmer really stands out in this issue, and towards the end of the book the team makes a shocking discovery which hopefully turns out in their favor.


I really have no negatives about this book, although Batman’s presence is still throughout this book, and yet he didn’t really come out as the team leader in this issue. Batman briefly guides the team in the direction they should proceed in this issue, but nothing else — which lets me know he’s starting to trust them more. When the JLA engages combatants from the microverse upon landing however, Batman takes control of the team and they win hands down. It’s good to see JLA be so effective now when just months ago they barely trusted each other. Orlando really has taken us through a slow transition here with the team and it’s quite enjoyable to watch.


Overall this issue was a enjoyable read and I’m looking forward to the next issue. Ray Palmer has always been one of my favorite heroes and I’ve always enjoyed the exchanges he and Batman used to have in previous stories I had growing up, so I’m looking forward to this meeting. Just off of that alone, I know that Steve Orlando is going to give me another enjoyable issue!



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