Katie Cassidy Wants Black Siren To Face Off Against White Canary

by Shean Mohammed
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In a recent interview with CBR, Katie Cassidy revealed a few tidbits of the upcoming season of Arrow, where she will be playing Earth 2’s Black Siren, and how she would love to face off against Caity Lotz’s White Canary:

Absolutely. I love working with Caity [Lotz]. I said to Marc [Guggenheim], “Is this possible even for Earth-2 Laurel to come face to face with Earth-1 Laurel? What’s that like?” That’s something really interesting and cool. I hope they do it. There’s an opportunity in the crossovers for that to happen.

While bringing Black Siren onto Legends of Tomorrow would let Black Siren and White Canary go face to face, there’s also plenty of avenues that the time travel show could use to pit Earth-1 Laurel against her evil doppelgänger. As for exploring the dark side of her character, Cassidy has been having a blast:

First of all, it’s awesome playing evil. It’s so much fun. I think that we’re going to be able to learn more and more about Black Siren and Black Siren’s backstory. I think there are some chances of redemption for her. I do think she’s just very damaged, and in terms of backstory what I’ve sort of done — and this may or may not line up to what the writers end up writing — but her and her father were kidnapped when she was 14 and she was forced to watch him burn to death. So her whole life — this is my backstory, sorry — her whole life she set out to find her father’s killer.

It will be interesting to see if the Greg Berlanti and his creative team will explore these possibilities in the upcoming season, especially a possible face off between the Lance Sisters.

All of the Arrowverse shows will return for new seasons on The CW this October.

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