Supergirl Gets A New Kryptonian For Season 3?

As Fall approaches and our favorite shows get ready to come back, news and rumors are abound. The latest rumors around Supergirl involve a new Kryptonian character. The production is looking to cast an actress to play a mysterious and sexy forty-something vixen with ties to the world of Krypton. Word is the character can be compared to the witch Melisandre on Game of Thrones. Ok, Supergirl, you have our attention.

What we don’t know is where and how this character will fit into Kara’s story. Will we know this character from flashbacks? Or will it play out in current time? Is it possible she is Faora? That theory may be a bit of a pipe dream seeing as how the Zod thing has already been hinted at. Another possibility may be Aethyr, but once again there is that pesky Zod connection. I guess we will have to wait and see when Supergirl returns Oct. 9.