[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artists: Carmen Carnero, Richard Ortiz, & Aneke


Will Power Girl join Faora in creating a new Krypton? When given the chance to take vengeance on Hugo Strange for her family, will Lois Lane take the shot? Which side has Lex Luthor truly been on, and what will this mean for the future of the Bombshells? Find out in the final issue of DC Bombshells!


We catch up with Zatanna as she struggles with the demon side of her father, while the rest of the Bombshells urge her to maintain control. In what becomes a double kill, Reaper takes out Hugo Strange and Killer Frost kills Reaper, as no one is safe. Faora, also comes into play, as her genius has always been underrated and it is she who becomes Doomsday, in this storyline. Kara and Faora, also have a final battle, where she’s overtaken by Swamp Thing.

Kara’s family undertake a spell to beat Faora for the last time, but their lives were the price to be paid to ensure the safety of Russia. Ultimately, our heroes have saved the day and all is well. Probably one of the better endings to a series I have read in a while.


This is the perfect finale to a very entertaining series.


Worth buying for the epic conclusion, so be sure to go pick up the entire run of DC Bombshells!


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