Review: Green Lanterns #29

by Danny Saab
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artists: Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, Alex Sollazzo

Covers: Brad Walker, Drew Hennessy, Jason Wright, Brandon Peterson



Jessica and Simon train the original Green Lanterns as they prepare to take on Volthoom.

Review: Green Lanterns #29


This was a very interesting issue. It was great to see Jessica play the role of boot sergeant and whip the original guardians into Green Lantern shape. Even spreading some wisdom that she received from Kilowog. She’s definitely come a long way since her power ring days, and even since the beginning of this series.

It was also great to see Simon finally step up and take control. Up to this point, he’s been pretty quiet since losing his ring, but he certainly stepped up and led the team in this issue. Another good thing that happened with Simon, he went an entire issue without mentioning Nazir, his brother in law.

The original guardians once again were an interesting bunch of characters. We got to see each one tap into their will power and see what drives them, and why they were chosen to be lanterns.

Review: Green Lanterns #29


The majority of the issue had Jessica and Simon train the original lanterns, which was good, but I didn’t really feel a sense of urgency from them to get back. It wasn’t until Simon’s Emerald Sight that made them get off the planet.

Speaking of leaving the planet, as far I knew, Volthoom was still in the present and was attacking the guardians, as well as the planet Zoron, but somehow Jessica and company thought they could intercept Volthoom before he gets to the planet while they’re stuck 10 billion years in the past? That confused me.

The art in this issue was ok, but not great. Many panels seemed rough and not smooth at all.

As I’ve mentioned in many of my other reviews, Volthoom is really not a character I care much about, and the same stands true after this issue.

Review: Green Lanterns #29


This unfortunately wasn’t one of my favorite issues to read. It had some good parts, but lacked heart and beautiful artwork.

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