Sideshow Releases New Cheetah Premium Statue

The collectible company, Sideshow, recently unveiled the best look yet at their Cheetah Premium Format Figure. The 19-inch-tall statue features the Wonder Woman foe – who many are anticipating will appear in 2019’s live-action sequel – in a fighting stance, with her claws ready for action.

You can check out the official description for the figure below.

“She’s battled with just about every member of the Justice League – but the Cheetah has one primary foe and that’s Wonder Woman. How else could you hope to stand against the Amazonian without having the speed, strength, and grace of the fastest cat to prowl the savannah?

Sideshow’s Cheetah Premium Format™ Figure captures the deadly poise of this lethal lady. From head to toe, the artists have managed to give this impressive collectible a sense of barely restrained motion.”

The exclusive version of the figure comes with a second portrait option, which reflects the character’s original aesthetic (essentially, like a woman in a cat suit).

The Cheetah Premium Format Figure is currently available to pre-order, and will cost you $449.99. It is only being produced in a limited run of 500, so you better not miss out.

Click through our gallery below to check out Sideshow’s Cheetah Premium Format Figure.