Review: Justice League Of America #13

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Steve Orlando

Pencils: Ivan Reis



The Justice League of America remain trapped in the mircoverse searching for scientist Ray Palmer aka The Atom! When they find one of the inhabitants wearing a piece of Ray’s equipment, the JLA assume that they’re on the right track to finding their friend. However they are very, very wrong!


Steve Orlando really makes Ray Palmer’s student and successor to The Atom suit, Ryan Choi, stand out in this issue. Within each page, Ryan more and more becomes leader of the team on this dangerous mission. Although Batman is prevalent in this issue, he hardly takes charge. Instead, it’s Ryan Choi making all of the dangerous and difficult decisions–and so far it’s paying off.


I really have no complaints this issue at all. Orlando tells a great story involving a war within the microverse which threatens to destroy it all. It seems that Ray Palmer along with another scientist had a desperate plan to stop it, but they were separated while trapped in conflict. Ryan Choi has a moment where he’s overwhelmed by the immense responsibility he has with finding Ray and ultimately saving the microverse, but it’s Killer Frost that reminds him of how far he’s come so far, and just why the team trusts him so much on this vital mission. The two finally have a moment where they share a brief kiss, and I hope that this actually leads to something in the future between them. Orlando’s done a great job of showing us Killer Frost’s path to redemption, and I hope Ryan Choi is apart of that as well.


Justice League of America #13 is a good issue. As the search for Ray Palmer continues, it’s clear that the team can’t trust anyone they come across in the microverse, and even once they do find Ray Palmer, just how exactly do they get back home? Definitely looking forward to the next issue!



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