Review: Supergirl Annual #1

by Danny Saab

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artists: Steve Pugh, , Michael Atiyeh

Cover: Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, & Michael Atiyeh



Supergirl seeks help from Dr.Veritas while the Fatal Five plot against her.

Review: Supergirl Annual #1


There was definitely a lot to take in from this double sized issue. There were a lot of different changes to where the story took us, which, in an issue this size, was a very good thing. It kept the overall story flowing very well. There were a few surprises in this issue, Lar-On for example coming to Dr.Veritas’s aid was a particularly interesting one.

The art in this issue was really well done. Beautiful colors and lines on every panel was just perfect.

Review: Supergirl Annual #1


There were definitely a few negative points in this issue. For starters, when Supergirl is fighting Grundy’s supersized clone at the beginning of the issue, she doesn’t seem to care that innocent bystanders are potentially getting hurt in the crossfire. If it wasn’t for Indigo, people would have been killed. She says the right things by saying that this has to end before more people get hurt, but people are already getting hurt because of you. It’s not a very heroic thing to do. Orlando should have found a better way of writing this fight scene.

Cat Grant. I love her confidence and courage, but running her mouth the way she did against Sorceress Selena was just stupid. Trying to find a way to outsmart her rather then simply running your mouth would have made more sense, and still play to her character.

Emerald Empress is actually a pretty decent character. The only negative I could say though is that I wish Orlando gave us more on her backstory. He touches on her history a bit here, but doesn’t actually say where the Emerald Eye of Ekron actually came from, only that it appeared to the Empress one day and changed her life. More of a history as to where it came from would have been great.

Predictable. The idea of Supergirl’s powers going out of control and being supercharged isn’t a new premise or idea, nor is making her look bad in front of the public. It also seems that the way the Empress keeps talking about how she tricked the rest of the Fatal Five, you can almost predict that Supergirl or someone else will pull a similar magic trick and broadcast her confession for them to see it.

Review: Supergirl Annual #1


It was a decent story, albeit not very original. The art was great though, and the issue leaves us on a rather interesting cliff-hanger, and a possible moral dilemma for Kara.


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