Review: Deathstroke #23

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Priest

Pencils: Diogenes Neves



Slade’s new team of heroes called Defiance will definitely save lives–for the right price! As Slade takes his team on a mission, revelations are made from within. Also Slade is struggling trying to be a real hero, but he hasn’t given up yet. How will he react when he receives an invitation to rejoin the Secret Society?


As a fan of Deathstroke it’s actually refreshing to see him trying to be a hero. Although he has moments where he wants to go back to being bad as he confesses to Wintergreen, he knows ultimately that it’ll lead him nowhere, so he’s staying on the path of the hero. He’s even placed his trademark sword in a display case never to be used again–I’d say for a mercenary that’s a big step in the right direction.


Priest really did a great job showing how broken and dysfunctional Slade’s family is. Rose has nothing but disdain for Slade, and shows it by almost killing him during a training bout. Joseph, Slade’s son and Adeline, who’s Slade’s ex wife, have an intense moment as Joseph confronts her about the murder of his fiancé Etienne–who by the way was sleeping with Slade! A lot of personal problems came out this issue and I’m sure they’ll be consequences down the road.


Deathstroke #23 was a good read. This book has good action, a great story and strong interactions between characters. Everyone on Defiance is there for their own purpose be it something personal or just for the greater good. Out of all of the teammates I really think Kid Flash is the only one not there for a selfish reason. Hopefully there’s a shakeup to bring the team together closer. So far Defiance can save lives and they can get the job done–its just a question of getting the job done without killing each other in the process!

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