Review: Harley Quinn #27

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Frank Tieri

Artists: Eleonora Carlini & Hi-Fi



In true Harley fashion this issue starts with an unconscious roller, maybe dead, at the hands of the crass and violent psychotic psychiatrist. Soon after the day is ruined as it is revealed that someone is claiming eminent domain over Coney Island. It is soon revealed to be the Penguin who is looking to have a new casino built on the island. She goes and meets him in his home to discuss having the Casino stopped.

Unfortunately, the crime lord won’t budge, but he does offer to save Harley’s home if she plays ball. Well she plays ball alright, with a lobster between his legs!



This issue is a huge break from the past 26 issues of Harley Quinn. Writer Frank Tieri has crafted an odd ball one shot that gives the readers a breath of fresh air and Harley’s normal writers a break. The story of this issue is a joy ride that puts Harley face-to-face with some of her greatest enemies and threatens her friends.

The opening pages have Quinn glitzed up like a Vegas show girl in a crime movie. Eleonora Carlini makes her look fantastic, especially her face which has been proportioned to give her a more cute look. She is also sporting a gorgeous short dress.

Another huge change is to Penguin. His face looks like something from a Guillermo Del Toro movie with an inhumanly large maw. The skin around his eyes are also a red hue as though he’s been rubbing them or cramming his monocle in them.



No negatives worth mentioning.



Harley Quinn #27 is a great break from the flow of the current run on Harley. Penguin and his minions look absolutely terrifying while also being comical. Oh and the awesome final page twist is wonderful.

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