Review: Justice League of America #14

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Steve Orlando

Pencils: Ivan Reis



The Justice League of America is still trapped in the microverse on their frantic search for Ray Palmer aka The Atom! As the League helps survivors of a ravaged planet seek shelter from troops seeking destruction, Ryan Choi, Palmer’s student and the new Atom, makes a dangerous journey to consult an all powerful deity!


Steve Orlando really takes the gloves off in this issue! We have destruction on a universal scale, a planetary riot, and let’s not forget the League’s search for Ray continues! I enjoyed reading this issue from beginning to the end. Ryan really steps up in this issue and although they find Ray Palmer in the end, it seems that Ryan has made a disastrous mistake in the process.


Steve Orlando gave me no negatives in this issue. Every member of the League in this book carries their weight equally and it makes it that much more enjoyable to read. Batman takes a minor role in this issue, however once the riot breaks out he takes charge, and although it’s brief, you’re reminded just exactly why Batman is around. Killer Frost and Ryan Choi continue to have their minor romantic moments and Lobo continues to make me laugh as the comic relief.


Justice League of America #14 is a good read and I’m looking forward to the next issue. Although the team has finally found Ray Palmer, the microverse is still ending, and the team is still stuck there, so a plan is drastically needed. The team still has a lot of work to do if it wants to return home.


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