Fish Mooney is Officially Dead, According to Gotham’s EP

by Reigh Carlo
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In Gotham, Fish Mooney is one character you don’t want to mess around with, for she has cheated everything even death itself, twice. But finally, her luck has run out and she may rest in peace for good.

Last season on Gotham, we saw Fish in high spirits with Penguin when Gordon accidentally shoved a sword right through her stomach which eventually kills her. However, fans were hopeful that she’d be back or resurrected in season four and it seems that she’s not coming back, according to Gotham’s Executive Producer.

In an interview with, EP John Stephen quickly commented on Fish Mooney’s death.

“I’m afraid that’s it. Now, that one was it. At a certain point, you gotta say ‘Definitely.’ People die at a certain point, and that’s the second or third time they die [on Gotham].”

Now, with Fish Mooney permanently gone in the show, it clearly shows that Oswald Cobblepot will have greater breathing room to grow. Maybe he will finally become the criminal overlord we know from the comics.

Gotham will return this week, September 21st, on a brand new night, Thursdays at 8pm on FOX.

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