‘Nightwing’ To Feature “lots of nods” To Dick Grayson’s Circus Past

Director Chris McKay recently discussed his vision for his Nightwing movie while confirming in another interview with Cinemablend that the movie would include “lots of nods” to Grayson’s past with his family, ‘The Flying Grayson’s’

“Yes, in some form. There will be lots of nods. Lots of nods,” McKay confirmed

Dick Grayson as Nightwing

I’ve got to say I am very excited for this movie with everything I’m hearing from McKay sounding great.

I’m personally more than happy for him to take his time after his comments about making the movie when he’s ready and not rushing it, even if this does mean we won’t be seeing it anytime soon.

In the meantime, we will be seeing more of Nightwing soon with last month’s announcement that Pirates of the Caribbean star Brenton Thwaites is cast as Dick Grayson in the live action Titans TV show, which will premiere on DC’s upcoming streaming service in 2018.

Rob Towsey

Rob Towsey

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