Fear Comes To ‘Gotham’ Season 4

by Reid Vanier
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Fear takes center stage in the most recent extended trailer released by Fox for the new season of Gotham.

The trailer sets up Jonathan Crane, aka the Scarecrow, as the major threat heading into the show’s fourth season, with the iconic Batman villain showcasing his trademarked fear gas and even sporting a scythe and a burlap mask.

But the Scarecrow isn’t the only symbol of fear coming to Gotham City, as the trailer also showcases Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) beginning in earnest his crusade to fight crime. We saw Bruce take the first steps at the end of Season 3, but Season 4 looks to introduce the early versions of the costume and mask that will eventually evolve into those of the Batman.

There is already live-action precedent for the rise of Batman to coincide with the emergence of Scarecrow in 2005’s Batman Begins. Season 4 of Gotham looks to take that same theme of fear to reimagine the origin of the Dark Knight.

Gotham Season 4 premieres Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 8pm on Fox.

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