Harley Quinn Appears In Telltale’s ‘Batman: The Enemy Within’

The latest chapter of Telltale’s Batman series, “The Enemy Within”, continues its episodic story by bringing in new villains for the Dark Knight to battle, and a trailer for the latest entry confirms the newest villain…Harley Quinn.

Telltale had always maintained that it would introduce Harley in the second entry of its Batman series, but has also promised that there it would put a unique spin on the character that fans have come to love since her debut in 1992. Depicted as being more of a turf-holding mobster than just a female sidekick, there is a definite change in the dynamic for Harley and the Joker during “The Enemy Within.” How this will continue to affect the couple remains to be seen, but expect Harley to become a major part of the ongoing storyline in Telltale’s storyline.

In the trailer we see a young Bruce Wayne alongside Telltale’s version of the Joker – known only as John Doe. This dynamic duo finds themselves in a shady alleyway where Doe confesses he has fallen for someone. After Bruce questions whether he could be in the sights of Mr. J’s affection, the Clown Prince of Crime reveals they are about to meet his new love interest. Enter voice actor Laura Post (Pokémon Origins, Justice League Action) as Harleen Quinnzel.

Taking over from the likes of Arleen Sorkin and Tara Strong, Post gives a very different take on Quinn. That being said, a new look and a new voice don’t stop old habits from dying hard, and Harley seems just as unhinged as ever. Although Doe and Harley don’t share much of the conversation, you can see the relationship with Quinn and her Puddin’ waiting in the wings. As one of the most dangerous couples to grace the world of comic books, this is one pairing that will surely mean trouble for Bruce and the rest of the Telltale chapters.

The next chapter of Batman: The Enemy Within arrives October 3rd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.