More Shazam! And Less Insta-Satire, Says Johns To Sandberg

by Jay
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As previously reported, Shazam! director David F. Sandberg has made it a habit of using his Instagram account to both tease and amuse his followers regarding his upcoming DCEU film project on The World’s Mightiest Mortal. From photos to comic strips depicting himself, Sandberg has drawn a lot of attention.

DC’s own Mightiest has taken notice.

DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer and DCEU Executive Producer, Geoff Johns, sent out a very subtle and very humorous response to this behavior pattern. He has posted his own photo on Sandberg’s Instagram account depicting a wall of Coke Zero cans, various Shazam action figures and statues – even one based off of the Gary Frank design for the New 52 reboot written by Geoff – and Johns himself holding up a sign that reads “Get back to work!!!”

Whether in good humor or not, Sandberg is in pre-production for Shazam! and if he is to make the April 2019 release date, it won’t be done through goofing off online. Ontario has already been announced as the location for principal photography, but casting for both Billy Batson and his adult alter-ego, Shazam (or Captain Marvel, depending on which route Sandberg is going regarding the nom de guerre), is still proceeding. Although Sandberg has thrown a smokescreen to concrete details about the film with his online antics, fans have still managed to sneak peaks at pirated audition tapes for the role of the 10-year-old orphan chosen by the old Wizard as his champion.

At this point, both by choice and by mandate set down by Warner Bros., he’s keeping the public hungry for answers. WWE Superstar John Cena has been rumored to be in contention for the role of Shazam, but his is one of the only names associated with the project, which also includes Joshua Sasse. Although the cast has to be filled given the production schedule, it is possible the studio will not release any names until after the release of Justice League in November.

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