“Watchmen” Co-Creator Won’t Be Reading “Doomsday Clock”

by Reid Vanier
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This past weekend, DC Comics released the first six pages of Doomsday Clock, the massive universe-colliding sequel to Watchmen that will bring Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ iconic characters into the primary continuity of the DC Universe.

Fan reception to the project, teased initially in DC Universe Rebirth #1 over a year ago, has been generally positive, and Geoff Johns and DC have gone out of their way to emphasize the care they are taking in dealing with such an iconic property as Watchmen. But in a brief interview, Dave Gibbons made clear his feelings on the sequel to his work:

Well, I won’t be reading it! You’re lucky. I usually say “no comment” to these questions.

Furthermore, Gibbons confirmed that he was not involved in the project in any way during its development, adding that he “know[s] just as much as anybody else“.

The twelve-part series kicks off on November 22, 2017 with the release of Doomsday Clock #1.

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