Wonder Woman Easter Egg in Latest ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Episode

As in every episode of Legends of Tomorrow, they usually manage to drop a huge pop culture reference somewhere along the storyline.  “Helen Hunt” was no exception, but with a special twist. The viewers got to see the time-travelers go to Hollywood in its heyday, the 1930s, where an out of place and out of time Helen of Troy finds herself in a battle between two movie studios. What makes Helen so different from the other historical figures that they had to rescue is that she did not want to go back to Troy. Instead, Zari, the newest team member, found a way to send Helen back to her time but not to Troy — instead she sent her to an island full of “warrior women.”

As the episode closed, viewers got to see Themyscira – the homeland of Wonder Woman and her Amazonian sisters. Although, this is a beautiful nod to the movie, there is no reason why we cannot expect a character like Donna Troy, to show up in this show, or even be a team member.