Casting is in Effect for NIGHTWING Feature Film

by JC Alvarez
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WB zeroes in on its next big screen star as the search goes out for an actor to carry the baton as Batman’s heir apparent in NIGHTWING!

Though the verdict is still out on Justice League Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment the studios behind the blockbuster have wasted no time moving forward with the rest of their agenda to enhance the cinematic DC Expanded Universe. Wonder Woman proved the breakout star of the team mashup and industry insiders are speculating on whether or not Ben Affleck will return to the cape and cowl for The Batman solo feature which is now in development, but the Batman-Family is itself taking shape!

The director of the already “green lit” Nightwing feature film, Chris McKay has already began the search for his film’s star! McKay has suggested that he doesn’t want a proven draw to headline his film which is centered on the Caped Crusader’s very first protege Dick Grayson who is now all-grown-up and battling crime on his own merits! Working with Bill Bubuque the screenplay writer behind The Accountant which also starred Ben Affleck, McKay has cast a wide net, even taking to social networking to make his intentions clear.

The filmmaker is promising that whoever gets cast in the one-time Boy Wonder’s kevlar tights will have their metal tested as the film will prove “grueling” and the actor will be depended upon to do a lot of their own “real stunt work.” Buduque’s script from all reports doesn’t exactly give insight into how long the film’s Nightwing has been out on his own and out from under the shadow of the Batman, but certainly is a threat to the underworld given the character’s intense experience. Although little else is known at this time, expectations are high for Nightwing to succeed.

Justice League didn’t necessarily break the bank over its premiere weekend and the reviews were sketchy for a big budget action flick that had so much riding on it, especially following the blockbuster appeal of Wonder Woman. The film underwent several additional reshoots after Zack Snyder left the production due to personal reasons in the hands of Joss Whedon who is also tapped to begin production soon on Batgirl. McCay’s Nightwing wasn’t featured on the WB studio’s slate of DC Comics properties unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con this past season.

Confidence is high that Nightwing is in good hands and that Chris McKay will not be rushing to deliver the film, and although some have attached actors like American Horror Story’s Finn Wittrock and Dave Franco, Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki to the project, with McKay open to casting a relative unknown in the role is a good sign that he’s looking for the perfect player for the feature. With Brenton Thwaites cast in the upcoming Greg Berlanti version for the upcoming Titans there are certainly several other multi-talented actors out there to take on the trapeze!

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