Review: Batman: Creature of the Night #1

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Kurt Busiek

Artist: John Paul Leon



Young Bruce Wainwright lost his parents in a violent crime…and in the real world, no superheroes exist to save the day. But as grief and rage builds inside Bruce until he feels he can’t keep it inside anymore, something strange starts taking wing in the Gotham night! Perhaps Bruce’s grief isn’t inside him after all?



The is probably one of the more realistic takes on the Batman mythos. Busiek and Leon do a great job at showing how real-world implications would affect the origin story of Batman. It was weird seeing an aloof Alfred who is merely a caretaker of Bruce’s family’s estate, one that doesn’t actually want anything to do with Bruce.

Another thing that was interesting, was seeing a child dealing the trauma of losing his parents. Not even in the show, Gotham, did he act out or see a grief counselor. Lastly, the fact that Batman, feels more like a monster is what makes this book so good, as Busiek, drives the suspense with this mystery.



None, as this is an excellent debut issue, feeling more like a gothic novel than a comic book.



Buy, as this book elevates the mythos of Batman, examining for the reader how the impressions of both being a meta and fictional figure affects real world consequences.


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