Review: Justice League of America Annual #1

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Kelley Jones



It’s an unlikely pairing of two heroes as Lobo and Black Canary head to outer space! When someone is hunting space dolphins to the verge of extinction, Lobo is forced to act. Intent on hunting the culprit down, he enlists a reluctant Black Canary! A shocking reveal is made to the identity of the hunter, and it seems that Lobo may not be the last of his kind as he thought!


This story was quite hilarious and I’m glad that Lobo finally got some shine in an issue. In most issues of Justice League I’ve read, Lobo has come off very one dimensional, but Orlando changes course here. Being paired with Black Canary makes it even more funny as she’s shocked when she learns of Lobo’s love for space dolphins. Orlando does this story almost as it’s one of those “buddy cop” movies, and it works wonderfully.



I have no complaints about this issue. We see Lobo’s love for space dolphins on full display and it’s funny, but admirable at the same time. Orlando even gives us a backstory on where Lobo’s love for space dolphins came from and even that was funny. I found myself smiling on nearly every page because of the dialogue between Lobo and Canary arguing and constantly trying to disrespect the other.



Overall I really enjoyed Justice League of America Annual #1. The story was told really well, it had plenty of action, and the unlikely team up of Lobo and Black Canary make it even more interesting. I really hope Orlando uses this team up again in the future issues.


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