Review: Injustice 2 Annual #1

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: K. Perkins

Story Idea: Tom Taylor

Artists: Marco Santucci, Jamal Campbell, David Yardin

Colors: J. Nanjan, Jamal Campbell, David Yardin 



“Paradise Lost.” Ever since the overthrow of Superman’s regime, Wonder Woman—his most trusted ally—has been held a prisoner on her native Themyscira. How did she come to this low point? What is it about the Wonder Woman of this world that made her so very different from any other incarnation and susceptible to Superman’s brutal, world- conquering vision? When was love lost and when did the greatest heart harden? The tragic story is told here.


With alternate timelines and parallel universes, it always fun to see the differences that appear in characters.  With Injustice 2 Annual #1, we not only get to see the Wonder Woman of this world, but the riff on the recent Wonder Woman feature film provides a sort of alternate take on the version of the character in the movie as well.  This is an interesting angle as it may provide something for those more familiar with Diana’s big screen version than the comics.

Utilizing elements from this Summer’s blockbuster film is very clever.  Wonder Woman’s origin is something we are very familiar with, so seeing it modified in this context adds something a little new and different.  Wonder Woman is certainly not the beacon of Hope and Love that she is in the regular DC Universe, and this take fits very well in the world of Injustice.

It’s certainly not a feel good type of story, but it is well executed.



Not a negative here, it’s as intriguing as the other many alternate takes we’ve seen in this series so far.



No Hope, no Love – how do you get a Wonder Woman like this?  Betrayal and the brutality of humanity at its worst can create it.  This is a very well done look at a Wonder Woman that doesn’t have the benefit of a positive example of mankind as her paramour.  You’ll enjoy the movie references too!


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