Review: Batman Annual #2

by Steven Brown
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[Editors note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Lee Weeks



The history between Batman and Catwoman is revealed in this book! From Batman’s early crime fighting days, to them getting married and beyond, it’s all contained within this issue!



Tom King did an excellent job with this book. Here we find both Batman and Catwoman early in their heroic careers with Catwoman breaking into Bruce Wayne’s house! With each encounter, the two learn more and more about each other, and the more they learn–the more in love they become. King continues this courtship between them, ultimately leading to their marriage and the arrival of Helena Wayne who eventually becomes Batwoman after Bruce’s retirement.



If you’re looking for a supervillain, some giant world ending plot, or Batman beating mobsters to a pulp–you won’t find it here. This book strictly focuses on Bruce and Selina. However Tom King gives us so much material between them that the villains, mobsters and threats to Batman become irrelevant, especially when we see Bruce age. King gives us emotional moments here as Bruce finds out he’s dying, however it bothers Selina more so than it does him. As he’s telling Selina a story about the old days while walking together, she suddenly stops and breaks down. Bruce consoles her briefly, then he continues with his story. It was at this point that I thought it was Selina who could possibly be dying, however it turned out to be Bruce. It was truly saddening also to see an older Bruce in the batcave surrounded by all of his trophies and accomplishments from his crime fighting career, and as he attempts to workout he realizes that his body won’t allow him that anymore.



If you’re a fan of the relationship between Catwoman and Batman, then this issue is perfect for you. King was awesome at showing both showing the struggles of Bruce and Batman. The ending itself is epic, as we see Bruce taking his last few breaths surrounded by Selina, an older Dick, Tim and Carrie Kelley, and even Damian makes an appearance seemingly in his late 20’s. Batman has fought villains, mobsters, gods and aliens bent on world domination–but it seems even the Batman can’t defeat time itself.



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