Review Roundup: DC/CW Crossover Event – “Crisis on Earth X”

by Joshua Raynor
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This year’s massive DC/CW crossover event, “Crisis on Earth X”, has wrapped up, and we here at DC Comics News have put together a series of reviews, covering each episode that aired.

But instead of making you search for each review, we have decided to round them all up right here for your convenience.  So, please, give them a read, and let us know what you think.  Do you agree? Do you disagree? Give us your thoughts on the latest crossover!



Supergirl 3×08 – “Crisis on Earth X, Part 1”

Arrow 6×08 – “Crisis on Earth X, Part 2”

The Flash 4×08 – “Crisis on Earth X, Part 3”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 3×08 – “Crisis on Earth X, Part 4”

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