The CW Teases BLACK LIGHTNING During Crossover Event

by JC Alvarez
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The CW DCTV Universe is expanding and as the primetime heroes face the crisis of an evil incursion from a counter-earth, lightning is preparing to strike once again when BLACK LIGHTNING makes his debut!

This season’s CW crossover event is as comparable to an earth-shattering epic DC Comics mini-series come to life and as close to fulfilling every comic book fans dream! It’s no surprise that the network which hit a bullseye with the debut of Arrow and followed that up with a contemporary reboot of The Flash is now poised to have lightning strike once again with the launch of the newest superhero in the franchise Black Lightning!

During the two-night, four-hour crossover entitled “Crisis on Earth-X” and incorporated the addition series spin-offs Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow fans were not only treated to an impressive line-up of over a dozen heavy-hitters from the DC Universe coming together, audiences were also introduced all-new favorites, while sadly bidding good-bye to some long-time cherished characters.

At the commercial breaks, if you braved watching in real-TV time and didn’t DVR the event in order to binge watch, The CW took advantage of its captive audience to tout the latest addition to its primetime line-up! Black Lightning a mid-season replacement that will star Cress Williams in the title role and will give rise to the electrifying outsider that is among the genre’s very first Africa-American heroes on the scene.

The teases revealed more details Black Lightning’s alter-ego Jefferson Pierce’s decision to come out of “retirement” and get back into the suit to fight crime. Given that he is the patriarch of a family unit that is composed of two equally super-powered daughters, it is likely that Pierce’s decision will be motivated by his fatherly instincts to protect the headstrong pair who will undoubtedly choose to follow in Black Lightning’s wake!

More detail was also given in the teases to Black Lightning’s super suit which is by far the most closely translated from his appearance in the current DC Comics. With the suggestion that the hero is getting back into the game, fans are already speculating that Black Lightning may ultimately be joined in his crusade by members of The Outsiders, the group first organized by Batman to take on the threats outside of the Justice League’s purview.

Early indication is that Black Lightning also produced by Greg Berlanti will not be a cohesive part of the established Arrow-verse but that hasn’t kept the Earth-38 bound Supergirl from venturing forth to team-up with Central City’s speedster, or the time-hopping Legends from crossing paths with Star City’s most nefarious legion of doom. Black Lightning is easily generating enough buzz and with a creative team that includes Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil it’s sure to strike hard!

Black Lightning premieres on January 16 @ 9pm following The Flash and will replace DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in the mid-season.

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