Review: Deathstroke #26

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Priest

Artist: Diogenes Neves



Held captive by his former friend Isherwood, Slade Wilson finds himself fighting his friend, and getting beaten–badly. In a situation where there is absolutely no escape, Deathstroke has no choice but to rely on his team to rescue him. But how can they when they don’t even realize he’s missing?


This story was full of action from beginning to end. Once again Slade’s past continues to haunt him as now he finds himself held captive by his former friend Isherwood. Isherwood himself has become enhanced with super strength and accelerated healing–far past Slade Wilson even. The fight between these two was great, although Slade loses badly. It seems that Slade now has to rely on his team to rescue him, and that part is pretty ironic.


I have no negatives about this issue. Slade is truly trying to be a good guy and I’m admiring the fact that it’s not an act at all. However some members of his team rightfully don’t feel the same. Slade often keeps the team in the dark about certain missions, or personal issues, so when he’s missing, everyone generally assumes it’s because he wants to be gone. However it’s Rose’s instinct that seems to tell her different, and she ultimately motivates the team to act.


Deathstroke #26 was a good and fun read. Defiance is finally working as a unit during their missions now, and although arguing and distrust is still there, overall they seem to be building a sense of family among them. I’m especially enjoying Kid Flash’s role as he seems to be perfect for the kid brother/ comic relief of the team. I’m looking forward to the next issue to see exactly how the team finds Deathstroke, because he has no chance of escaping without his death. For the first time ever, Slade Wilson has to rely on someone else to save his life–and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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