Review: Titans #20

by Steven Brown
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[Editors note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Dan Abnett

Pencils: Brett Booth



The Titans continue their battle against Troia, a future version of Donna Troy! Along with her Avatars, Troia is on the verge of victory against the Titans until the unexpected happens–Wally West is brought back to life by Kid Flash!


Abnett really outdid himself in this issue of the Titans. If you’ve been following my reviews for awhile, then you’d know I’m big on action in my comics–and Abnett gave it to me in spades! Troia describes herself as a worldbreaker, and the name fits her well. Along with her Avatars she almost takes the team apart, until Kid Flash shows up and brings Wally West back to life from the speed force! The return of The Flash really balances out the fight between these two teams but it’s probably the battle between Donna Troy and Troia that was the most climatic. Donna was already struggling with her own identity before Troia showed up, and now she questions her true destiny even more. Abnett finally gives Donna her confidence back in the end however as she realizes that Troia’s future isn’t necessarily hers–she can be better than her evil, futuristic counterpart.


My only negative about the book is Kid Flash honestly. Other than reviving Wally West, Kid Flash really had no other purpose in this issue. It’s pretty funny when Wally tells him to go get the Justice League for help and Kid Flash runs off–never to be seen again. I’m hoping that the League may show up in the next issue, but I’m not sure to what extent since the Titans in the end finally defeat Troia.


Titans #18 was a good read and I’m looking forward to the next issue. Abnett does a great job of telling a story of a dark and very possible future where the Titans are either broken, dead, or alone. The team realizes that the only way for Troia’s vision to not come true is to stay together–let’s hope they can do that.


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