Flashpoint Starts Filming ‘Pretty Soon’ According to Ezra Miller


Ever since the announcement that Ezra Miller would have his standalone film as the Scarlet Speedster, everyone has been really looking forward to it, speculating on what comic book story line it would adapt. And when the reveal was made that DC would be making a Flashpoint movie, most comic book fans screamed with joy! And now it seems that the Flashpoint film will enter production sometime soon, according to Barry himself, Ezra Miller.

After his successful cinematic debut in Justice League, everyone is clamoring of a Flash film, and now it looks like Warner Bros. is quietly moving forward with the project despite lack of any official update since the announcement back this summer.

This update was brought up during ACE Comic-Con when Daniel Eliesen asked Miller himself, which he revealed on Twitter, about the status of the Flashpoint movie. Miller joyfully replied (which is expected from him) that everything is going well with his standalone movie. You can check out the tweet below:

While we are not yet sure how Warner Bros. will bring it to life, comic book readers who have read and witnessed this iconic story line will certainly know that this is a game changer not only for Barry’s life, but also to the whole DC Universe. In it, we see Barry Allen travel back in time to save his mother from being murdered. He saves his mother, but this causes a butterfly effect that changes his friends’ and foes’ lives, creating a new reality.

In this new reality, Superman was never found by the Kent’s, but instead by the US military, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war, and Bruce was the one who was shot in Crime Alley leading to his father doning the cowl as a more brutal, more violent Batman. If the rumors are true that Ben Affleck wants to hang up the cowl for good, this is one of the best moves, especially since Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, is eager to pick up the role.

Although we are really excited that the project is now entering its first stages of production, we can’t help but wonder what will happen next considering that we barely have any concrete updates about the film. Ever since it’s announcement, everything seems pretty quiet, with no new updates or progress on the production stage. Of course, we have heard countless rumors circulating around the Internet, but unless WB confirms these rumors, they’ll all remain as is. Also considering that there are three films with release dates, it is likely that Wonder Woman 2 will be the next one when it comes to principal photography, given that David F. Sandberg’s Shazam! will begin production early next year.

Also it could be possible that Ezra Miller is just mentioning that they’re in pre-production which is a safer bet considering the reasons we just mentioned above. Unless of course Warner Bros. wants the project to be on a Flash-paced track. Considering there is only one film next year, which is Jason Momoa’s standalone Aquaman, the people behind the DCEU should regroup and get their head straight if they want this Cinematic Universe to gloriously shine like a Green Lantern ring.

Reigh Carlo

Reigh Carlo

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