Original Artwork revealed for JUSTICE LEAGUE Blu-ray Release

A comics legend gives the Justice League a facelift for the much-anticipated Blu-ray release that will be exclusively available at select major retailers igniting the film’s collectability!

With collectors inevitably clamoring for the hardest to get, rarest to resist and raising the cool factor Warner Bros and DC Entertainment has wasted no time to guarantee that when Justice League comes home to Blu-ray, fans will have a reason to race to the marketplace and scoop up every possible version. When the steelbook cases for Batman v Superman and Man of Steel hit their street dates, they each sported beautifully original artwork by DC Comics’ own Jim Lee.

It can now be revealed that when Justice League hits stores it will also get an exclusive cover redo engineered by Lee as well. The Blu-ray package will be an exclusive release available only at Best Buy retailers nationwide, and will sit alongside it’s DCEU predecessors. The art work was recently revealed on the retailers’ website which is already taking pre-orders for the feature-length film. As to whether or not a “Director’s Cut” or “Ultimate Edition” is in the works is still unknown.

Original artwork steelbook covers were also marketed for the recent Complete Season Blu-rays of the hit CW series Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl. These items are only often available in limited quantities and for a limited time, so pre-orders are encouraged.

JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

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