Tom King Gives An Update On ‘Sheriff Of Babylon Season 2’

by Kimberly Melchor
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Tom King and Mitch Gerads have revealed that they will follow up their critically-acclaimed series, Sheriff of Babylon with a sequel down the line titled Sheriff of Babylon Season 2. During an interview earlier this year, Tom King said that the second season has been written, but the final release will depend on Gerads. Here’s what King had to say:

I wrote it, it’s done, it’s in the bag, In my opinion, no one should work on Sheriff that’s not named Mitch Gerads. I’m working on Mister Miracle with him right now; we’ll see how that goes. Maybe he’ll be too popular an artist and he’ll just want to do Batman or Wolverine or something, It’s up to Mitch, because it’s written, but nobody will ever draw a page except for Mitch.

King seems to be more comfortable doing it with Gerads, whom he called the best artist in comics.

It’s like working with a net, I know that no matter what I do, Mitch will catch me and he’ll make my words into something great.

Sheriff of Babylon brought the two together for their first DC work. Sheriff of Babylon centers on an American cop-turned-military consultant as he attempts to solve the murder of one of his Iraqi police recruits.

The inspiration for the series came from King’s time as an intelligence officer for the CIA during the Iraq War, and while King had written spy and intelligence fiction before in novels, as well as the Grayson series from DC, Sheriff was the first title he had ever had to run by the government to make sure he was not giving too much away.

Sheriff of Babylon is available in trade paperback and hardcover at comic book specialty stores and book shops. Mister Miracle is available monthly from DC, and if you have not yet started reading it, you can get an extended “Director’s Cut” with additional content and commentary of Mister Miracle #1 on February 14.

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