The Spotlight on Atlantis: Aquaman in JUSTICE LEAGUE

by JC Alvarez
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United under one banner to take on an invading army, the King of Atlantis, Aquaman stands out from the pack in this “spotlight” scene from JUSTICE LEAGUE!

When Aquaman was confirmed to appear among the founding members of the Justice League on the big screen, long-time DC Comics fans didn’t know what to expect especially when Jason Momoa the hulking presence made famous on Game on Thrones was cast as the King of the Seven Seas. In the contemporary DC Comics universe, Aquaman’s profile was measurably enhanced by Geoff Johns following the events of “FlashPoint”.

The Sea King was now a formidable combatant with powers that rivaled the “big three” and perhaps his influence exceeded even that of Superman or Wonder Woman. Arthur Curry after all is the rightful heir of the throne of Atlantis. With two-thirds of the Earth covered in water, that would make Aquaman’s realm the largest body of territory on the planet! When the character was introduced into the rebooted Justice League comic book, he made quite the impression!

With movie-goers packing theaters to their delight, Momoa’s Aquaman is every bit as dimensional and quite the “bad ass”. In the film, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is recruiting a team of metahumans in anticipation of a war that’s about to begin. He’s tracked down Arthur Curry to a fishing village, where Curry is known to frequent and provide for the villagers. Unimpressed by Wayne’s offer to join the team, the “Aquaman” returns to the oceans.

In an extended introductory scene, Aquaman ventures to Atlantis to retrieve one of the “Mother Boxes” a celestial piece of technology, that is being hunted by the warlord Steppenwolf and his army of parademons. Following the trail to the ocean depths of Atlantis, Aquaman encounters the invader, who confronts Atlantis’ militia and Mera (played by Amber Heard) who attacks with her telekinetic control over hard water!

Steppenwolf makes short-order of the Atlantean guards, though when faced with battling the Aquaman, Arthur Curry proves every bit an equal, but the invader still gets away with his prize. Mera then has a chance to face Arthur and confides in him that is time he assume his proper place and that place is with Atlantis. The Aquaman returns to the surface and decidedly joins the Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Cyborg in their battle to uphold justice.

Check out the extended scene spotlighting Aquaman from Justice League here:

Anticipation for Momoa’s star turn headlining his own solo film Aquaman has hit a fever pitch and will certainly be one of the most eagerly-awaited blockbusters of the cinematic DC Extended Universe.

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