Review: Bombshells United #9

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artists: Siya Oum



Talia’s tour of the labyrinth has led Batwoman and Renee to a shock: The Cheetah reached the Lazarus Pits before they did! Now that revenge is at hand, can Renee and Kate find peace within their hearts instead?



The art by Oum is breathtaking, as this book definitely has its share of A-list artists, and the work Oum does in this issue adds her name to the pantheon of artists to look out for. We get an origin story for Shazam and Black Adam, taking place at least 100 years before, and one involving dynasties and majestic empires. We get another love story, one involving Black Adam, as we find out he was once married to a princess, and her death is what propelled him to become the villain comic books fans have come to know. Lastly, we get a heartfelt family reunion, as the death of a family member, which motivated Renee to get her revenge, gives this issue a beautiful ending.



None, as this issue makes up for whatever shortfalls the past few issues have had, giving us more complete pictures of Black Adam and Renee Montoya.



Buy, as this gives readers a trip back in time and a joyous reunion.


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