After one disappointment after the other Warner Brothers has finally decided to do what most people have been saying they needed to do for years: have less people involved in the decision process.

Now after years of greenlighting-by-committee, Toby Emmerich, who has been appointed Chairman, won’t have to answer to anyone but CEO Kevin Tsujihara.

Kevin Tsujihara said:

Toby has the green light, I have the red light.

This streamlining process, which will undoubtedly lead to better decisions on which films they make, will also extend to how the films are marketed. This decision was made because some believe one of the reasons Justice League disappointed at the box office was the lack of Superman in the advertising.

To any long term DC fans out there, there should be a great sigh relief to know that moving forward it will be Geoff Johns, Walter Hamada, Toby Emmerich and Kevin Tsujiara making all the decisions for the DC Universe films.

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