Green Lantern Corps Movie Still in the Works

by Cameron Tevis
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The disappointing box office of Justice League left many DC fans wondering if previously scheduled films were still on track to be produced. Though there has now been a shake up at Warner Brothers and DC Films, the good news is we now know that at least Green Lantern Corps is still in development.

David Goyer who is currently co-writing the film with screenwriter Justin Rhodes confirmed by saying the film was “in the works”. Though Goyer confirmed it’s still moving ahead, he was a little less informed on when we could expect another update on the project.

I don’t know. Who knows, especially with what’s currently going on with the DC universe? There’s obviously a whole recalibration happening with that right now.

Green Lantern Corps is said to be a buddy cop film much like Lethal Weapon and will introduce John Stewart as Hal Jordan’s partner. It was originally scheduled to be released in 2020, but that changed and is not currently on Warner Brothers slate of films for that year. With the recent shake up at WB, there will most likely be an update released soon on their upcoming plans.

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